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In Indian mythology Kama Rati is a beautiful word made up of two words Kama and Rati where Kama is the Indian God of Human love and desire often portrayed along with his female counterpart Rati and thus Kamadeva is represented as a young, handsome man with green skin who wields a bow and arrow of love.

Similarly Rati is also considered as goddess of love, carnal desire, lust, passion and sexual pleasure. Rati is often associated with the arousal & delight of sexual activity and many sex techniques & positions derive their Sanskrit names from goddess Rati’s Name.

Ayurveda is derived from one of the four Veda’s of Ancient India i.e. Atharveda. Ayurveda has treasure of herbs which helps a person to live good sexual life. Worshiping Kama and Rati also helps in leading a good sexual life as they are the god and goddess of love.

The birth of Kama and Rati happened to create life on earth. Kama affects male feelings & attraction for female and Rati sensualizes female feelings attraction for male.

They create affection and attraction between male and female thus landing them on intense sexual desire and ultimately giving sexual pleasure. Kama & Rati has also blessed herbs of Ayurveda and god of Ayurveda, Dhanvantri described about those herbs in books of Ayurveda, the name of all the herbs which are better called Sexual herbs.

Kama Rati every product range has all those herbs which are the blessed herbs for sexual purpose chosen by Ancient Indian books, Ancient Ayurveda and by the god & goddess of love & desire KAMA & RATI.

“Sex is not an Answer
Sex Is a Question
“KAMARATI” is the Answer”


In designing KAMARATI, our main focus was to make range of intimacy products with no side effects, free of all known skin irritants and be highly effective. “An analysis of competitors’ ingredients horrified us. We found that almost every other intimate care product available followed a similar, synthetic formulation derivative. These chemical formulations rely on glycerin or silicone base and disquieting ingredients such paraben preservatives and propylene glycol, all of which have been shown to have potentially harmful effects on the body, particularly the more vulnerable and highly sensitive intimate tissues.

We are into Ayurveda since last four generations in India and we are manufacturing and marketing the same having over 100 years of knowledge and experience. Our several years of research has made us determined to offer pure and high performing alternatives, which would enhance, rather than compromise, intimate health”


Our skin absorbs many of the chemicals contained in face creams, soaps, personal care products and cosmetics. Statistics have shown that approximate 60% of what goes on the skin can get in to the blood stream. Stories of the risks from ingredients like paraben preservatives or phthalate plasticizers regularly hit the press. There is growing concern about chemicals in personal products and their possible effects.

The mucosa or mucous membranes (of mouth, eyes, intestine, vagina, rectum and penis tip) are especially vulnerable, as they do not have the protective layer, Stratum corneum, of skin. This means chemicals can more easily be absorbed into the bloodstream as there is no protective barrier. That’s why making the purest products to be used on the delicate mucosal membranes is so important, “KAMARATI” has range of products which ensures purity and efficacy without harming the delicate mucosal membranes.

By pure means all KamaRati products, they are:

  • Free from hidden synthetic chemicals (harmful or not)
  • Free from all known mucosal irritants
  • Natural Ingredients (plant based and occurring in nature)
  • Beneficial (using plants that are known to benefit the mucosa and skin)
  • Feel really good on skin and work really well
  • Look good, no smutty images or demeaning language on the packaging
  • Be transparent about their ingredients and benefits.

The guaranteed purity of the “KAMARATI” product range does not contain any hormone mimics and is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.

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